Azeem – The Conscious Comic

Over the past ten years, Azeem has been building quite a reputation for himself as a top-class comedian, lecturer, and trainer. Whether he is hosting a corporate event, headlining a comedy club, or engaged in his professional training seminars, his comedic style affords him the ability to reach people in ways that many never attempt. His ability to intertwine comedy inside his messages have made him a must have on the college circuit, as he educates without lecturing. Azeem’s humanistic approach to comedy binds all people together, regardless of religion, color, gender or ethnicity. He connects with the audiences sensibilities by addressing everyday issues that affect everyday people in a way that keeps them laughing and assessing themselves simultaneously; Making him regarded as “The Conscious Comic”.

Azeem has made headlines for his participation as a founding member of the “Allah Made Me Funny Muslim Comedy Tour”, which has been featured on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart. This tour — which opened to sellout crowds in over 100 cities in the U.S. and in 5 continents — is one of the longest running tours ever, and has inspired positive dialogue between Muslims and people of various faiths that is unprecedented. He is also the recipient of the Muslim Public Affairs Councils prestigious “Voice of Courage & Conscience Media Award” for providing a positive and accurate portrayal of Islam and Muslims.

Azeem has been seen on BET’s Comic View, and was hailed for his ability to keep his comedy clean, which makes him the perfect fit for any audience. You can also catch him as the featured comedian every Friday on Basheer Jones and Company WERE 1490 out of Cleveland, OH.  He is currently developing his one-man show, “Funny, Faithful, Flawed” which is scheduled to debut early in 2011.


  1. Gary&Jeraldine Porter says:

    My wife and I really enjoyed your comedy show on the Carnival Fascination.Look forward to see you again.Continue to keep up your good work.

  2. Cindy Heibel says:

    Loved your show on the Carnival Cruise! Stay away from those “helicopter moms” with kids with 148 I Q’s! ” Drone moms” is where it’s at!

  3. Keith G Thomas says:

    You were great on the Carnival Freedom.

  4. Scott Senecal says:

    Really enjoyed your show aboard the Carnival cruise sensation, just keep an eye out for anyone named Hammic….LOL Scott.

  5. After hearing Azeem on The Carnival Liberty last week on a 12 day cruise, it was refreshing because the other comedian sucked. Azeem’s wit, timing and the interaction with the audience was on point. I could more than understand his last story of the homeless racist…..said but so many of “us” have endured actions like these.

    Azeem is hilarious and quite entertaining. Hopefully Carnival continues to engage his services.

    P. McDougal

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