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Laugh For Life Comedy Tour

Laugh For Life Comedy Tour” is making its stop in Nashville, TN, Thursday, November 5, at Zanies Comedy Club. The show will begin at 7:00 PM. The founder of the tour is Azeem, an internationally touring comedian, writer, and social activist. His desire is to use the gift of laughter to bring attention to something not so funny: prostate cancer.

Over the past ten years, Azeem has gone around the country from September through December bringing attention to this deadly disease. “Prostate Cancer is the Father’s Day of diseases. It’s always overlooked, and when it’s finally thought about, the gift you get really sucks!”. The campaign began when he discovered a few men very dear to him were diagnosed with prostate cancer and were in serious jeopardy of losing their lives. When he asked why, they responded, “we never got tested.”  If a finger up my rectum will aid in decreasing the likelihood of my dying from a horrible disease, well I’m ready to take it. Well, up to the first knuckle.”, he jokes. This eye-opener sent him on a crusade to develop an initiative that would begin making men and women aware of the need for annual screenings. This disease, which is diagnosed in a man every 90 seconds, is something that must be stopped… one laugh at a time.

The event kicks off September 1st of every year, which is Prostate Cancer Awareness month, where he travels all around the country and overseas, spreading this important message. Over the years, his campaign has taken he and his comedic friends to over 20 states, where thousands of men have been tested for this disease. This cause has inspired many of his fellow comedic friends to participate in this tour. Among the Laugh For Life Alumnus are: Comedian and actor Rodney Perry, Christian Comedian Akintunde, Chad Daniels, and from The hit TV show “Sullivan & Sons” and  Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, Roy Wood, Jr. This year’s lineup stars Azeem, and the very funny Spanky Brown, of The Spanky Brown Morning Show, which has been a hit with thousands of listeners every morning for the past 5 years.

LipSynk Cosmetics, one of the tour’s main sponsors, worked with Azeem and his wife, Stephanie to help them create their own lipstick that women wear during the month of September to bring attention to the need for early detection. The campaign is affectionately called “Kiss Prostate Cancer Goodbye”. There will be tubes of this lipstick color, “No More Blues” available at the event, and the proceeds will go to organizations that fight to find a cure. There will also be photo shoots with the comedians to show support of this worthy cause.

You won’t want to miss this show!  Tickets are on sale now.  For ticket information and pricing, visit Come and join us, as the more who are aware, will get tested, and will Laugh For Life.

Azeem: “Live & Unfiltered” DVD Coming Soon!

Prepare yourself to be amazed by the ever funny, Azeem. In his first, highly-anticipated DVD recording, “Live & Unfiltered!, Azeem gives you a rare opportunity to hear his unfiltered stance on life. His views on love, relationships and social issues will make you snatch your grandmother’s oxygen mask for air!
One of the most requested comedians on land and sea, Azeem will make you laugh at things you normally would think twice about.
So call a few friends over, grab some popcorn, drinks, and put the children to bed, and get ready to laugh with your “comical cousin”!